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Settlement Financing

Challenge faced:  

Contingency Lawsuit looking for terms providing cash for plaintiffs now and delayed settlement payment for defendant. 

$50 million is expected to be the outcome for the injured plaintiffs, but there is no real incentive for defendant to settle.  Plaintiff’s medical and other bills are causing additional suffering.

Opportunity discovered:


Insurance defendant enters a $50 million settlement, with no payment for five to seven years, then a zero-coupon payment or installments up to 20 years. This gives insurance company time to recoup settlement from their client and a disincentive to litigate.
  • Plaintiffs are given $30 million cash to pay medical and other bills.
  • Financial planning is employed to safeguard funds.
  • Litigation is initiated against other defendants.
Please note: We respect the confidentiality of our clients’ transactions. The purpose of this example is to illustrate the unique features and benefits of our financing structures. Key details are not disclosed or may be changed to protect confidentiality. Every university will be different, but payments will be structured so that the university will receive an infinite return on payment from energy savings, as long as an acceptable investment grade guarantee and “waiver of appropriations risk” has been delivered.

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