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Specialty Financial Solutions

Affiliated Financing Services Ltd. Has been a contract lender for institutional investors, who pay
our fee,since 2006. We are not Loan Brokers or paid by Borrowers. Our focus is to provide
Borrowers 5 to 25 year amortized fixed-rate mezzanine and term debt, currently blended in the
high single digits, using their investment grade customer’s “Take-or-Pay” (“ToP”)promise to pay
as our primary collateral. Loan amounts range from USD$20 million to $500 million for up to
100% of Project Costs,

B2B Project Financing

With bank lending at 75% or less and subordinated loan interest at 2% to 5% per month, including equity dilution, we have a longer term project financing solution for projects with minimum irrevocable payment guarantees from Moody’s or S&P rated investment grade customers or off-take.

High Growth Business

We are cash-flow lenders, looking to provide outstanding vendor terms for irrevocable corporate IOU’s from Investment Grade customers.  We can arrange a single payment “zero coupon bond” style payment from investment grade customers with scheduled deliveries over 3 to 5 years. Your  business receives the cash today or deferred over 12 months

Financing Legal Settlements 

Affiliated can offer settlement terms to insurance company defendants that can settle cases.  We have offered to pay the plaintiff immediately, but give the defendant insurance company 5 to 7 years before they pay the settlement.  This reduces the incentive to litigate and permits the insurance company time to collect the award from their client’s premiums.


We help charities and non-profits manage their cash flow by providing the present value of these deferred contributions in cash upfront, with the full discretion over the use of those funds for immediate needs.


Affiliated Financing helps companies do more profitable business with government institutions. Our project financing programs allow companies to bid more aggressively, confident in the knowledge they will be able to deliver on a government contract without sacrificing their own cash flow or bottom line.


Any power project energy saving initiative should save money and improve Borrower equity as well.  We create an attractive return investment by financing your special project.

Financing Features

  • Project funding usually delieverd within 4 weeks of reciept of all paperwork.
  • Transparency – there are no surpurises.
  • Customerized repayment plans for you specific project.
  • Fixed rates – usually in the high single digits fixed for the entire amortization at interest rates currently half what most mezzanine or hard money lenders charge.
  • No penalty is charge for early repayment.
  • No equity control
  • We rarely ask for personal gaurantees.

Minmum Requirments

  • $20 million minimum funding; 250 million maximum.
  • Fully amortized Term loans of 5 to 20 years.
  • Single-payment “bullet loans” with deferred payments from 5 to 7 years.
  • Irrevocable minimum payment guarantee from ToP with Moody’s or S&P inventment grade guarantor must fully amortize the private placement. 
  • We require a written Business Plan with CPA prepaid projections and GAAP financials for the amortization.
  • ToP Obligors must be in USA or Canada, Loans will be repaid in US dollars and funded under New York State (USA) law. Operations may be Africa or South America.
  • All loan processing costs must be paid by borrower, and can be reimbured from loan proceeds. 
  • We can include in financing “Golden Handcuff” employee retention initill contribution up to 2% of project cost. This is to encourage Key Employees to stay and meet benchmark projections for 5 years or so. 


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